• Low Back Pain – Symptoms, Diagnosing And Risk Factors
    Low Back Pain – Symptoms, Diagnosing And Risk Factors
    Pain in the lumbar region or low back pain is the pain in the part of the spine below the ribcage.
  • Features Of A Good Ergonomic Chair
    Features Of A Good Ergonomic Chair
    Ergonomic furniture is a type of furniture which adapts to your body, enabling you to achieve correct posture while sitting in front of the computer.
The six healthy benefits of using a heavy duty sewing machine

The six healthy benefits of using a heavy duty sewing machine

Heavy duty sewing machine: These machines are the powerful tools which make your sewing experience seamless and easier. It helps make your sewing faster, simpler, quicker, hassle-free, and much more convenient. Many of us do not have the vision or idea that the sewing process also provides a lot of benefits. It can help you improve your health, memory, observation power, and much more.

Healthy benefits of using a heavy duty sewing machine

1. Focus

It is the greatest thing that you can learn while doing crafts is to focus and engage yourself in a particular task. The focus also helps to improve your concentration power. By improving your concentration power, you must be able to fulfill your aspirations and goals on time.


2.Hand-eye coordination

This is one major benefits that you will learn while sewing using a heavy duty sewing machine – improved hand-eye coordination. As you are sitting for hours and working continuously with just a needle and thread, it will naturally result in a better hand-eye coordination.

3. Self- Esteem

Being positive about yourself is the vital and important paramount to be successful in your life. When you are positive enough about your abilities, achieving targets becomes easy. And obviously, all these come from a self-confidence or self-boost. Surprisingly, you can build confidence just from sewing. Researches have proved that sewing definitely helps improve your self-esteem. It helps you develop stronger cognitive sense. Since many people are part of sewing groups or circles, hence they easily develop a strong relationship and bond among themselves. The affirmation that comes from helping others in other circle or community helps individuals to boost his/her own self-confidence, moral value and thus it helps them to motivate about life.

4. Improved memorizing power

This is another great benefit you can grasp by sewing. By doing complicated and complex sewing using a heavy duty sewing machine, you can learn to remember each and every small step; it helps your brain to remain more active and engaging. Just like your muscles help to improve your reflex, your brain also needs to be trained. Sewing helps you to do that, and builds your mind and memory stronger by enhancing your remembrance and observation power.

5. Sewing is self-actualizing

While you sew using your heavy duty sewing machine, you are self-actualizing. Though you are a man but still you loves to sew, then you are self-actualizing. The reason is: you are doing something that you really enjoy or doing it only for your own sake, not for others. As a result of this, it is a self-affirming, and it too helps you boosting your confidence level.

6. Sewing builds creativity

gfsasay5saghssaIt is absolutely true that sewing builds creativity. Though it’s hard to become creative or prepare yourself to be more creative. But the sewing process helps you in this case, by letting you trying unlimited new things, making new solutions, and opening the world of possibility.

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Low Back Pain – Symptoms, Diagnosing And Risk Factors

Low Back Pain – Symptoms, Diagnosing And Risk Factors

The symptoms of low back pain

Pain in the lumbar region or low back pain is the pain in the part of the spine below the ribcage. It can be caused by a variety of factors, and it manifests in several ways. You can feel either sharp, stabbing sensation or dull pain, and it can sometimes make it difficult to move, stand or sit.

It often happens suddenly, after heavy lifting or sports, and it is called acute pain. If it does not go away within 72 hours, you should seek medical help. In case the pain lasts for over three months, it is considered to be chronic

Diagnosing low back pain

In case you feel the pain longer than 72 hours, you should consult your doctor. In order for the physician to accurately diagnose the cause of pain and the treatment.

You should be specific about the intensity and the type of pain you feel, as well as the exact area where you feel it. You should also describe some of your habits which can cause the condition, and inform the doctor if you were engaged in an activity that can potentially be harmful to the spine. An X-ray, CT scan or MRI scan is sometimes needed in order to determine the treatment.

Risk factors for low back pain

The most frequent factors that cause low back pain are incorrect posture, heavy lifting, obesity and sports injuries. People usually experience low back pain during their thirties, and the risk increases with age.


Some lifestyle factors can largely influence that you begin feeling low back pain even at the early age. The most common reasons are being overweight or obese and lack of physical activity. However, there are some other factors such as overdoing physical activity or the way you carry your bag that can also cause pain in the lumbar area.

Being overweight

Overweight and obese people often have low back pain and other troubles with spine and bones. This is because their spine cannot support their weight, which causes pain and discomfort. Losing weight and keeping it under control is one of the ways to do your spine a favor and reduce low back pain.

Lack of physical activity or overdoing it

Lack of physical activity leads to getting overweight and to the weakening of the muscles among which are the ones along the spine. Therefore, you should engage in mild to moderate physical activity, but you should not overdo it because in that you risk to get injured and cause counter effect.


Some workplace-related factors can influence the development of low back pain as well. The most common are long-time sitting and standing, as well as lifting heavy loads, especially if they are lifted improperly.

Extended periods of sitting

If your job requires long periods of sitting or standing, it can cause low back pain. In case you need to spend work time sitting in front of the computer, make sure to get an ergonomic chair which you will adjust according to your natural posture. In case you need to spend time standing, make sure to distribute the weight evenly on your feet and take breaks to walk or sit down.

Wrong lifting of heavy loads

Lifting heavy loads is demanding and risky as is, and it is even riskier if it is done improperly. Lifting loads with your back instead with your legs can cause injury and pain, as well as lifting weights that exceed your limits.

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Features Of A Good Ergonomic Chair

Features Of A Good Ergonomic Chair

When is ergonomic furniture used?

Ergonomic furniture is a type of furniture which adapts to your body, enabling you to achieve correct posture while sitting in front of the computer.

Therefore, it is mainly used by those who spent a lot of time sitting and working on the computer, and chairs are the most commonly used type of ergonomic furniture. They can mostly be found in offices, but home-employed people, as well as devoted gamers, also use this type of chair at home.

What are the benefits of using an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs provide necessary support for the spine, which is one of the most important aspects of preventing back pain, neck pain and headaches. They also support the hips and reduce pressure on the muscles, which is why it is more comfortable to sit long hours, without feeling tingles or numbness in limbs and back.

Why you should choose well-designed ergonomic chair

When choosing an ergonomic chair, it is essential to choose well designed, high-quality one. Even though it can be pricy, consider it a good investment in your health and comfort. A good ergonomic chair will provide you with strong spinal support, it will last much longer and it will provide you with many adjusting options.

Features of good ergonomic chair

Good ergonomic chair, in brief, should be made from high quality materials, with high-quality lining and strong, durable and easy to use adjusting mechanisms. It should have enough adjusting options, for making the chair suitable for most users.


Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of designs, with different sizes of seat and backrest. What the chairs of different design have in common is that they are not too large and difficult to get up from them. Also, they should have adjustable lumbar support to enable spinal curve to be in its natural position.

Adjustment mechanisms

Ergonomic chairs should have enough adjustment mechanisms, and the essential ones are adjustable seat height, the forward or backward tilt of the backrest, adjustable lumbar support (both depth and height) and adjustable height and angle of backrest. These mechanisms should be smooth and easy to use, with locking mechanisms to secure the determined chair position.

Suitable materials of ergonomic chair

In addition to being equipped with all the necessary mechanisms and adjustment features, it is equally important for the ergonomic chair to be made from high-quality materials. This goes or both the construction and the lining materials, so that the chair can last long-term use.

Construction materials

Ergonomic chairs are usually made from strong and sturdy plastic, which is not too stiff. They often contain metal parts, especially in the areas where adjustment mechanisms are placed. Always choose ergonomic chairs with metal parts of the adjustment mechanism, and those made of sturdy and strong plastic.

Lining materials

It is important for the lining material to be high-quality and durable as well.

Ergonomic chairs are usually purchased in order to be used a lot, so if you choose the one with poor lining material, it may be uncomfortable and it can soon get ruined. A good ergonomic chair should be lined with strong material which will last long, but which also allows the skin to breathe.

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