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The importance of having a good office chair

Since we spend a majority of our time in our offices in a sitting position, typing at our keyboards and staring at computer screens, it is extremely important that we have an appropriate chair.

A comfortable and well-designed office chair can be a solution to many health problems that come with our sedentary lifestyles.

How to find an ergonomic office chair

Finding an ergonomic chair for your office should not be a difficult task, considering the amount of options on the global market. With the increased security of online shopping and faster shipping – your preferred chair can be delivered in no time. Also, a visit to a local shop could be a good idea, and there you can personally try out the chair and check if it “fits” you.

Factors to consider when buying a chair

Important elements to consider when making a purchase of this kind are the price of the chair, its overall quality, design, etc. Also, buyers should always check the size, height, weight, and other similar attributes of the chair in question.

Health benefits of using an ergonomic chairs

There are many positive effects of working in a comfortable area, and office chairs are directly in contact with our bodies so they have the biggest impact on our health. Better posture, less pain in the back or hips, fewer problems with spasms and tingling, etc. A lot of benefits come from having your spine relaxed and straight, and ergonomic office chairs make this possible.

Basic components of office chairs

Chairs sometimes may look different, but they all have several basic components that are universal and that all chairs have in common. For example, parts such as the base, backrest, armrests, and seat pan are the ones that “never change” and ergonomic attributes of a chair depend on the quality and shape of these elements.

Other parts of an office chair

Of course, office chairs can have some other components as well such as a footrest or a hydraulic height adjustment mechanism. As a matter of fact, height adjustment is nowadays a pretty common addition, and almost all ergonomic office chairs come equipped with this highly useful feature.

What if the components are poorly designed and constructed?

In case the chair is not designed with the principles of ergonomics in mind, then the consequences can be very serious and dangerous for the health of the person that spends a lot of time sitting in that chair. Painful back, dislocation of joints even or just cramps – the range of “options” is very big and diverse.

The quality of the materials

Ergonomic office chairs must be produced out of high-quality materials, usually steel for the support and cotton for the cover of the seating pan. Of course, designers and manufacturers often experiment with materials and shapes, but a good chair should be as durable as possible while maintaining a beautiful and attractive exterior.

Cleaning and maintenance

Just like any other piece of furniture, chairs have to be cleaned on a regular basis. This ensures that the chairs will be a source of good health and not germs and bacteria. Also, if the chair gets damaged, it is important that some of the parts can be easily replaced.

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